Renaming the EIA

At the strategic planning retreat in mid-November, a recommendation was made to change the CSAC Excess Insurance Authority name. The consideration of a name change came at the request of CSAC (California State Association of Counties) due to the on-going confusion over the fact that CSAC EIA and CSAC are two completely separate entities. There is additional confusion in the CSAC EIA name as it relates to our current identity. The EIA offers multiple primary and excess programs and is no longer singularly focused on “excess” programs. The EIA is not an insurance company and does not provide “insurance” from a technical standpoint.

The recommendation coming forward to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors is to take this opportunity to undertake a complete rebranding of the EIA. We certainly want to remove the confusion by eliminating “CSAC,” “Excess,” and “Insurance” from our name. We also don’t want to emphasize “California” in our new name since we are poised to expand our programs and services to public agencies across the nation. We have not yet determined what our new name will be. The hope is that it will support our current and future identity as one of the largest, most successful member-directed risk sharing pools in the nation.

In the coming months, our committees, staff, and of course our members will be weighing in on what our new name will be. There are many steps involved in the creation of a new company name, and this will include executing an updated JPA Agreement for members. We are very excited to see how this change will help us grow and move along for the future! More announcements will be made along the way, so stay tuned.

Please contact Rick Brush for any questions.