PRISM Welcomes First National Participant

PRISM welcomes the first participant from outside of California: Pima County, Arizona. The County is now part of PRISM’s Property Program, and will benefit from broad coverage, competitive rates, and risk management services offered by PRISM.

In 2019 PRISM’s Board of Directors approved offering its programs and services to public entities outside of California. Since then, long term partner, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., has begun to reach out to public entities across the country that might be a good fit to join PRISM.

“Expanding our footprint beyond California is an exciting step in PRISM’s evolution,” said Gina Dean, CEO of PRISM. “This type of growth has been discussed for the last 20 years, and I’m so pleased to see the Board’s vision finally come to fruition.”

Pima County is the first non-Californian participant, but several others are in various stages of underwriting. PRISM was founded in 1979 as a way for California counties to find cost-effective insurance solutions and risk management services for members. Public entities across California started joining PRISM in the early 2000’s when the pool expanded beyond counties.

“So here we are, PRISM, a national JPA,” said Brian Kelley, Chief Operating Officer of PRISM. “These are exciting times, and there are likely more to follow in the coming months and coming renewal. Thanks to all that have helped make this happen.”

Growing nationally is one example of the innovative spirit PRISM embodies. However, PRISM will continue its member-directed operating philosophy along with its commitment to member fiscal sustainability.