EIA Appoints New CEO – Gina Dean

The EIA announced today the appointment of Gina Dean as CEO beginning July 1, 2020. Gina has been with the EIA for 19 years and has most recently served as the chief operating officer for over 16 years. Gina will take over the reins when the EIA’s current CEO, Mike Fleming, retires.

Kerry John Whitney, Risk Manager of Napa County and the EIA’s President said, “Mike has created an amazing culture for members and staff, and an innovative JPA that has grown to over $1B in member contributions. He and Gina have worked side by side for 19 years and this transition has been a long time in the works. Another testament to the EIA’s forward thinking nature. We appreciate everything Mike has done, and look forward to working with Gina in her new role.”

Mike Fleming said, “My 35 years at the EIA have been incredibly rewarding. We have grown to 9 major property casualty and health benefits programs, in addition to over 20 miscellaneous programs that benefit our members. We also created a captive insurance company three years ago. While all of that is meaningful, I am most proud of working with the members to do what is right for them, and I know Gina shares that same passion for working alongside of our members.”

As CEO, Gina will be responsible for leading the Board and Executive Committee in completing the strategic initiatives to fulfill their mission. Gina said, “I feel fortunate to be working with a Board, staff and service partners who all play such an important role in our future. The property and liability markets are hardening and it is at times like this, that we are able to show such great value to our members.”

In addition to her current role as EIA’s COO, Gina also serves on the board of the EIO, (CSAC EIA’s captive insurance company), the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities, as well as the Association of Governmental Risk Pools. Until June 30, 2020, she will continue in her current role at the EIA as the transition plan moves forward.