EIAHealth Committee Approves Preferred Vendor List for On-Site Health Clinics

In order to address the requests of EIAHealth program members, the EIAHealth Committee voted to approve a preferred vendor list for on-site health clinics.  A comprehensive market review was conducted and a thorough request for information (RFI) was created and managed by Alliant Employee Benefits.  The RFI was very specific in scope, focusing on many key areas and differentiating factors that included:


  • Scope of Services
  • Public Agency Experience
  • On-site vs. Virtual Clinic Models
  • Health Plan Coordination
  • Rx Dispensary Services
  • Pricing

Eight vendors were invited to participate in the RFI, with seven responding.  Once received, the results of the RFI were presented to the Committee, with the Committee approving the following vendors:


Healthstatwww.healthstatinc.com - Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Healthstat offers on-site, near-site and virtual clinic options to 12 Counties and 14 Cities across the Country; 5 in California. Healthstat currently works with EIAHealth member, Santa Barbara County.


Elite Medicalwww.elitecorpmed.com – Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Visalia, CA, Elite Medical offers on-site, near-site and virtual clinic options to 2 Counties and 3 Cities in California.  Elite Medical currently works with EIAHealth member, City of Visalia.


Medicine At Workwww.medicineatwork.net - Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Houston, TX, Medicine At Work offers an online live remote examination with an on-site registered medic assisting the exam.  Medicine At Work currently works with three Public Agencies.


These preferred vendors represent the broad spectrum of services needed to address the different needs of the EIAHealth Program members.  The intent of the selection of a preferred vendor list was to assist the members of the program with the evaluation and vetting process.  EIAHealth members interested in on-site clinic options will continue to work directly with their Alliant service team in evaluating and implementing their on-site clinic strategy.


Please feel free to direct any questions to Sidney DiDomenico, EIA's Director of Employee Benefits.