2017 EIAHealth Program Renewal Outperforms Competition

With the rising cost of medical and pharmacy healthcare coverage, the EIAHealth program continues to make strides in providing a comprehensive alternative to PERS and other public sector healthcare programs. Representing 24 members and covering 18,000 employee lives in the State of California, the EIAHealth Committee approved an overall pool increase of 2.4%, with 6.8% increase for HMO participants and 2.1% increase for PPO program participants.

This renewal outperforms the overall PERS 2017 PPO renewal and the state average renewal of 10% increase in premium. The strength of the EIAHealth Program continues to be founded in the stable underwriting practices of the Program and the overall concept of volume purchasing. EIAHealth Program offers large and small group opportunities to public agencies across the State. To find out more about the EIAHealth Program contact Sidney DiDomenico at 916-850-7300.