Newly Updated Insurance Requirements in Contracts Manual – Now Available!

The EIA has partnered with Alliant Insurance Services and Robert Marshburn of R.J. Marshburn & Associates to prepare an updated version of the longtime reference manual, Insurance Requirements in Contracts Manual (IRIC Manual). The IRIC Manual was developed originally in the 1970’s and has been updated to reflect current practices.

Version 9.0 includes important updates and additions, such as:

  • Revised requirements in response to new Insurance Services Office (ISO) forms so that the additional insured entity has access to all the coverage available under the contractor’s insurance program;
  • Discussions on the applicability of additional insured status on Auto Liability policies;
  • Conformed recommendations to new California statutory requirements related to design professionals and contractors;
  • Descriptions on how new ISO forms can be combined to achieve an entity’s coverage goals;
  • Removal of references to contractor deductibles, since the insurer is responsible for recovery of deductibles, but clarifies that contractors must disclose self-insured retentions and protect contracting entity from contractor insolvency;
  • Addition of a new chapter with discussion and sample requirements for Cyber Risks, including IT consultants, software vendors and cloud providers; and
  • Addition of a new chapter with discussion and sample requirements for the operation of airports, aircraft, fixed base operators and UAV/Drones.

EIA and Alliant have established a partnership which will lead to regular updates to the manual – targeted for each January, and as needed. A request has already been received for further discussion on marine related risks. In addition, Alliant is working on an interactive version of the manual that will be more user-friendly with an online interface. EIA will be holding training seminars on aspects of the new manual in the coming months.

The IRIC version 9.0 can be found by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Ian Chadwick in our office at 916-850-7300.