Welcome to the Era of Spectra

This week, PRISM has launched the first release of the new Claims System – Spectra!

It’s getting rave reviews! Check it out… (the quotes are real 😊)

The journey…

  • December 2018 - internal meetings to talk about the idea of building our own Claims System
  • April 2019 – at the Executive Committee Retreat, staff was charged to develop a business plan to consider this undertaking
  • March 2020 – Bakeoff to choose low-code software and development partner
  • May 2020 – the Executive Committee approved a business plan to build a proprietary Claims System using a low-code software platform, OutSystems
  • July 2020 – Project kick off with our development partner, Persistent
  • March 2021 - after requirements were defined, development began
  • March 2023 – new system is named Spectra
  • November 2023 – launch first release – PRISM GL Claims

A huge thank you to EVERYONE involved. A special shout out to the PRISM General Liability and Workers' Compensation Claims teams who will be using this system day in and day out. Your commitment and input has been invaluable. Major props to Kenny Popst and his IT Claims team who have labored for years to get to this point, and really knocked the ball out of the park.

"In my 30+ year career in IT, I have yet to be involved in a large scale (multi-million dollar) project that has finished on-budget and on-time. The fact that this organization has been able to do that is a testimony to all of you – PRISM staff, Members, and third party partners." - Tom Pelster, PRISM CIO

While we are celebrating the launch of the first release of this application, there is so much more to come! We are all eager for this journey to continue and for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you for your encouragement, support and teamwork.