Introducing the EIA's New Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program!

In December 2015 the Loss Prevention Committee directed EIA staff to partner with L4 to develop a pilot program for body-worn cameras, and we are now accepting applications from interested parties for this no cost pilot. If your organization is not currently using body-worn cameras but is interested in starting a program from the ground up, this pilot program is an excellent opportunity to start with a high quality comprehensive body-worn camera program.

Program Overview

L4 has developed a comprehensive turn-key Body-Worn Camera (BWC) system that includes everything to get your agency up and running. In this pilot program, L4 will provide: system integration support, administration and user training, best practices for implementation and customized policy development. The pilot will include an initial period of time for roll out of policy and procedures as well as IT infrastructure, 3-6 months of field usage and conclude with an in depth evaluation of the program. To learn more about L4, click here.

This free pilot will include:

  • Body-worn cameras, which will be pre-configured and customized for each officer and rolled out in phases of 2 week intervals
  • Body-worn camera docking station(s)
  • Network enabled PC for each docking station
  • BWC shelf and rack for equipment
  • BWC Policies & Procedures document & agency template
  • Best Practices Document on BWC’s
  • BWC Implementation Plan & project manager
  • On-site training for officers participating in the BWC pilot program
  • LensLock Software platform for video/data management in a secure cloud environment, backed by Microsoft’s Azure Government solution
  • Unlimited data storage for the duration of the pilot
  • 24/7 customer service & support    

Application and Selection Process

To take advantage of this excellent opportunity, download the application here.

Completed applications can be submitted to Ian Chadwick at ichadwick@csac-eia.org. Staff will be accepting applications from participating members for the pilot program until the application deadline on April 29, 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The final selection will be made by the Loss Prevention Committee at the May 12th meeting. Once the selection has been made, we expect the selected agency to start working with L4 on initial planning and implementation in mid-May.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ian Chadwick at ichadwick@csac-eia.org for more information!